Our key strengths lie in the service level that we provide, and the quality of staff that we use. Our vetting procedures and stringent referencing enable us to provide a very high standard of personnel. We also take time to understand the exact needs of each client to ensure we provide the right staff at the right time.

Executive Search.

Our Executive Search service is the term used for senior, niche and decisive positions in an organization like CEO, CFO, VP etc. The most powerful assets of an organization are people and the ability to choose the right people is most strategic for any organization today.

HR Outsourcing.

HR outsourcing helps in meeting the HR needs of any company that may not have such facilities in-house. Our HR outsourcing service may also prove to be a great help for an already operational HR team in working beyond capacity, which in turn may help you in dealing with the projects beyond the firmís capabilities.

Syone Recruitment Agency is a company that specialized in recruitment.

Syone is a company that specializes on recruitment, both professionals and non-professionals.

Syone Recruitment Agency is trying to lure investors into South Africa.

We are trying to lure investors into South Africa by creating a pool of workers.

Our motto is "ntwa kgolo ke molomo"

Our motto is "ntwa kgolo ke molomo" which means all battles are fought over the negotiation table.